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We are delighted to offer a series of 12 online workshops with the aim of helping you to understand more about a young person’s brain and the psychology behind the behaviour, in bite-sized, accessible chunks. The workshops are delivered by Specialist Child Clinical Psychologists and will help you to develop strategies and approaches to manage behaviours, whilst promoting positive emotional wellbeing and overall better mental health outcomes for children and young people.

As a final offering following our closure on 28th March, we are opening up our online workshops on a highly discounted basis, available until the end of December 2024. This fabulous resource is already being widely used by over 5000 professionals across Greater Manchester to support ongoing trauma-informed practice across the locality. Thanks to GMCA who have funded the extension of this website after our closure. Any funds generated from this resource will be donated to the Alex Timpson Trust to support projects for care experienced people and foster carers

The workshops are aimed to support parents of adopted children, foster carers, as well professionals (in schools, medical or social care settings) working with children with experiences of early life trauma.

Topics covered

  • Attachment difficulties and Developmental Trauma
  • Toxic Stress and Shame
  • Strategies to support emotional regulation and behaviour
  • Approaches such as PACE (Dan Hughes), Paul Gilberts 3 Emotional Regulation Model
  • Trauma-Informed (Non-shaming) Consequences for Behaviour
  • Strategies to support a young persons recovery from developmental trauma

What’s included?

  • Online course: Level 1 – Attachment and the Impact of Developmental Trauma
  • Online Course: Level 2 – The Importance of Early Relationships
  • Option to book a Live Q&A Session with Clinical Psychologists
  • Access to Therapeutic Play Activity Workshops
  • Downloadable Resources (Tip sheets, Worksheets, External References)

Who should join?

  • Foster Carers
  • Schools
  • Nurseries
  • Colleges
  • Social Workers
  • Family Workers
  • Childrens Nursing Teams
  • GP’s
  • Children’s Counsellors
  • Play Therapists
  • Anyone who wants to support a young person’s recovery from trauma

Beyond Psychology Academy

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Courses Included in the Academy

The Beyond Psychology team has developed a series of workshops to help you understand attachment, developmental trauma toxic stress and shame, and how this impacts the lives of young people. We hope these videos are accessible. The videos cover concepts to understand the neuroscience of the brain, and the impact and disruptions early life trauma cause to the social emotional and cognitive functioning of young people. Our hope is you can put this knowledge to practice in your everyday lives to help promote neurological and relational recovery with the young people you care for.

Small child sitting on father's shoulders

Level 2 – The Importance of Early Relationships

Building on your understanding of developmental trauma, this series of workshops focuses on shame and empathy, and provides further therapeutic approaches/strategies for you to put into practice. These therapeutic approaches…

Frequently Asked Questions

The courses are online and no special equipment is required. The courses will work in all modern browsers including Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari. Please ensure you are using the latest versions of your browser. We recommend viewing the courses on a laptop or larger screen and using headphones for distraction free study.

Group Access prices is based upon the number of seats you need. Prices are listed on the Sign up page here.

Each group is assigned a team leader. The Team Leader can invite members to join the team and access online courses. We’ve produced this handy Team Leader Guide (PDF) to help Team Leaders manager their members.

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