Amy Woodfield

Drama Therapist

BA (Hons) Theatre Studies, Lancaster University
MA Dramatherapy, Derby University

I’ve had a love of theatre and drama ever since I was a child and learnt about the power of creative therapies with children whilst on a social work placement when I was 16years old.
I studied Theatre Studies at Lancaster
university and whilst there learnt about, and put into practise, elements of  Dramatherapy.
After University I have worked with teenagers in inner city Manchester and in a theatre company in Young offenders institutes, it was here in particular I saw first hand the power in using drama for healing and change.

Whilst on my Dramatherapy MA course I developed a particular interest in the theory of Attachment and the use of drama to help explore loss and identity. I finished my training with a dissertation on the use of story and role play in helping teenagers leaving care explore their identity and move into independent living.

Since qualifying in 2010 I have worked as a Dramatherapist  predominantly in schools supporting children and young people 1-2-1 who have experienced various levels of trauma, I base a lot of my work on Dr Sue Jennings model of Embodiment-Projection – Role, EPR, which explores the drama of being a child and the attachments formed in the early stages of development. This method addresses the drama, ritual, risk taking, problem solving and skills which the child incorporates to mature into emotionally healthy adults.
Dramatherapy sessions aim to be safe and fun, are adapted to the child/young person taking part and use story, play, drama, mask work, sand trays, play figures, drama techniques such as improvisation and character development.

Since qualifying I have developed my interest in Attachment, shame, early childhood trauma and the affects on the brain, and the use of fairytales, imagination and story making in healing, through training and workshops.

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