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Directors and Clinical Psychologists Dr Louise Mansell and Dr Kirsty Hughes specialise in delivering training to those working and or living with young people with disrupted and traumatic histories. Dr Louise Mansell and Dr Kirsty Hughes pride themselves on delivering accessible and relatable training on what is an emotional and complex topic. The feedback regarding this training a must read for all those considering it, as it reflects their passion, skills and dedication to this training.

I spent the rest of the night thinking about how those little brains learn so much in the early years. I have worked with a lot of children and families in the early years and not had the foundations to build on. I will be using the ideas everyday with families.


Our Specialist Workshops

Understanding Attachment and the Impact of Developmental Trauma, Toxic Stress & Shame

Specialist Clinical Psychologists from Beyond Psychology deliver training to  help others develop an understanding about the importance of early relationships and trauma on the way children and young people develop & subsequently learn & relate to others. The training builds knowledge about the impact of trauma & disruptions in these early relationships. We explore how to help these young people develop emotional regulation, resilience and recover.


Information given clearly with light hearted moments with a personal touch. All opinions/voices heard and questions answered.

Understanding Your Child's Brain to Manage Their Behaviour

Clinical Child Psychologists provide a two-part workshop to give parents/carers an understanding of the brain and how it development is important for how we help children and young people manage emotions.

This workshop is aimed at parents of children under 10 years of age, who become easily overwhelmed with emotions, and often scream, shout, tantrum and ‘lash out’ verbally. It is also useful for parents who are looking to know what to do to prevent their children feeling emotionally overwhelmed in the future.


We have learnt some good strategies to help us deal with some behaviour issues. We will definitely test some out.

Understanding Emotions and Behaviour in Children with Complex Needs

Clinical Psychologists deliver a 2-Part 90-minute workshops to help parents understand their child’s emotions, sensory needs and behaviour. Helping parents understand how to manage and help their child with emotions and behaviour is the best strategy for preventing difficulties in the future. These workshops focus specifically on the needs of children who display social difficulties, attention & concentration difficulties and/ or attachment difficulties. We explore some practical skills and approaches, to enable you to help your child manage their emotions and behaviour.


Extremely helpful. Very Useful. Helped me understand how my child’s brain functions.

Understanding and Helping Young Children Manage Worry & Anxiety

Beyond Psychology provide a two part 90-minute workshop to give parents practical skills based on scientific research and evidence around managing worry and anxiety. Helping parents understand how to manage and help their child with anxiety & worry is the best strategy for preventing difficulties in the future.


Recently completed the anxiety workshop it was very informative and really helped me.

All our workshops are delivered across the North West for parents as well as professionals. We can deliver workshops and training for organisations, schools, nurseries and groups of parents.

Simply get in touch with us to arrange one for you.


Having just returned from one of Beyond Psychology’s workshops I cannot recommend them highly enough. They are passionate about children and families wellbeing. The strategies that were discussed can be put into practice straight away and are all based on the latest research. I will be checking out their future events! Thank you.


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