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Beyond Psychology pride themselves on supporting school at every level. We believe that schools are fundamental to supporting young people’s mental health, in particular the most vulnerable groups. We feel passionately about mental health support in schools being offered at a systemic level which informs the ethos and culture of the school, to support staff and young people in the most clinically informed way.

From staff consultation to staff support, including whole staff training, family consultation and groups for young people.

We offer a range of training sessions for schools, in particular our Whole School Approach to Attachment, Trauma and Emotional Well-being, which we can offer a free visit or consultation to the school to discuss.

Support for schools and Clinical Psychology Consultations start from just


Specialist School Services

1 hour One-One Clinical Psychologist Consultation

These sessions can be used to discuss a young person who is struggling in school, or to receive supervision about ongoing therapeutic groups within the school, and explore outcomes. Clinical Psychologist consultation can also be used to offer support with the design and development of specialist provisions within school, using expert knowledge and research of what works.


Highly recommended. We had a great session today. Whether you are looking to attend a course or have a private consultation, you will be in good hands with this amazing team.

Complex Case Consultation

These sessions are used to help groups of school staff working with a young person understand the nature of their difficulties in relation to their history and current context. Clinical Psychologists join staff group discussions to formulate alongside staff and develop a shared evidence based / theoretically driven action plan. The action plan is typically reviewed at an additional sessions, or if it is felt the young person may require an assessment of need, then this is undertaken.


The best whole school INSET training we have ever had.’- This was just one of many really positive comments from my staff after the Whole School Attachment training delivered by Louise and Kirsty from Clinical Psychologists @ Nurture.

The delivery of the training was pitched just right and was really engaging and many of the staff after the first whole school session, stated that they were ‘hooked’.

Psychological Assessment of Need

This is a 90-minute session with school staff, the family and young person if appropriate. These sessions are delivered by Clinical Psychologists and include multi-systemic / holistic formulation of needs which then directs care plan within school. The sessions also include psycho-education and recommendations for strategies to use within school, home or with the family. All of which is written up in a summary letter. These sessions can be of particular use for high risk children, with complex needs and children at risk of exclusion.


I just want to add the CARM session (Psychological Consultation & Assessment of Need)and the working relationship has been a fantastic learning experience for me and proved invaluable in my work with other students. I am looking forward to my next session and the continued work when you are in school.

Specialist Mental Health and Well-being drop in Session

School can use this clinic flexibly for their needs at that point in time – for example, individual students could book in and utilise a session or teaching staff could use for their own well-being. The sessions use an informed evidence-based therapy models and uses a therapeutic style of talking to people that allows people to manage / think about their distress and/or current difficulties / mental health in a way that promotes self-resolution and recovery.

Staff Training

We pride ourselves on delivering excellent expert driven accessible training. Bespoke packages of training with whole school staff or those identified. Training can be delivered on any mental health, social, emotional or behavioural difficulty. The training will help professionals understand the scientific theory and neuroscience behind social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, including trauma. This training can be used over time to alter an ethos of a school and adapt policies to support young people using the most widely supported strategies and knowledge.

Group Therapy For Young People

We can run a range of theory driven/ evidence-based groups depending on the needs of the young people and the school.  Such as, nurture groups based on Theraplay, multi-diagnosis / transdiagnostic groups (Take Control), Mindfulness Based Groups, DBT groups, and loss and bereavement. All groups will be measured for impact of results written up into an impact audit for the school.


I have found their insight and knowledge in the areas of early trauma and attachment to be both highly developed and pertinent to the needs of children in local schools. In the training programmes that we have developed and delivered, the Beyond Psychology team have been able to impart a high degree of expertise in a ‘user friendly’ and engaging way; whilst also being able to respond to the individual issues and scenarios that staff have raised regarding individual children’s circumstances and behaviours.

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