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Looked After & Adopted Children

What Does Our Specialist Service Offer?

Both clinical directors and founders of Beyond Psychology, Dr Louise Mansell and Dr Kirsty Hughes, have worked as Specialist Clinical Psychology leads on the children’s cared for team within NHS, CAMHS. Their team was nominated for the ‘Working Together’ award by Children’s Social Care and won the ‘Service Innovation Award’.

Our service has expert knowledge, experience, and post qualification training working with children with attachment difficulties and developmental trauma.

We provide specialist psychological assessments, formulation, therapeutic parenting, specialised therapy, attachment training, therapeutic play training, consultation packages, and specific packages for schools and professional groups working with looked after children, adopted children and children with developmental trauma.

All of our adoption support services can be paid for via the Adoption Support Fund. Do get in touch and we’d be happy to guide you through every step of the process.

We offer a range of training sessions for schools, in particular our Whole School Approach to Attachment, Trauma and Emotional Well-being, which we can offer a free visit or consultation to the school to discuss.

Support for schools and Clinical Psychology Consultations start from just


Specialist Services for Attachment Difficulties, Looked After & Adopted Children

Beyond Psychology offer specialist assessments and treatments that integrate the most up-to-date, evidence-based, theory-driven intervention models to work with children who are looked after, adopted or have attachment difficulties due to early life trauma. Our work integrates the use of Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP), Theraplay, Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT), Systemic Practice, neuroscience, and the impact of developmental trauma. 

We also provide bespoke packages of specialised training and group interventions specifically designed for children with developmental trauma and attachment difficulties. These include:


Helping Young People understand Attachment Difficulties and the Impact of Trauma


A Whole School Approach to Understanding Attachment and Developmental Trauma


Understanding and Treating Attachment Difficulties, for Parents / Carers and Professionals


Using Neuroscience and Theraplay principles to understand and nurture children's mental health


Understanding and Resolving Shame. Why Children Might Lack Empathy, Lie and Steal

Group Interventions for Looked After and Adopted Children

Self-Soothe Group

‘Self-Soothe’ is for parents and carers of children who have a history of developmental trauma and may struggle with relationships and emotional regulation. The ‘Self Soothe’ program is based on principles taken from attachment theory, neuropsychology, systemic psychotherapy and spirituality (Smith, 2004). The training provides a framework to understanding the behaviour of children, whilst providing and practicing techniques and skills to deal stress children with trauma may bring.

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Theraplay Directed Group for Young People

6 week group intervention for young people who have a history of developmental trauma and consequently struggle with difficulties in attachment relationships and emotional regulation.

This group uses non-verbal, playful activities to help a young person develop positive social interactions, experience nurture, and engage in activities to enhance their feelings of self-worth.

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